The poet has been at it again - this time in english on The Dark Feminine 🔥 There are many perspective on what 'the dark feminine' is, and here are two - a wounded expression and an empowered expression.   I have spent much time in the wounded expression, not knowing how to express my vulnerable truth. To now living a more empowered version -

  Jeg har skrevet et digt til mændende, som måske er lige så lærerigt for kvinderne at læse. Dansen mellem det maskuline og det feminine er ikke altid lige let, og den seneste læring jeg har gjort mig på den front, er at kvinden (gennem den feminine sensitivitet) ofte er mere "informeret" omkring det relationelle end manden (i det maskuline). Så hvor det maskuline står

Hey friends, as a means to get all of my wisdom out to you instead of letting it clog my flow, heres a blogpost I recorded on creativity. I talk about: the need for foreplay/warm up to get the creative juices flowinghow sex energy and creative energy is linkedwhy mindfulness and the skill of improvisation is key to get in touch with your

Design thinking has been hyped as the magic process for innovation, often described as a linear process in 4–5 steps. Often with an emphasis on brainstorming, ideation and tons of sexy post-its. Some suggest it is losing its competitive advantage and others are trying to fix it now more than ever; Combining it with systems thinking, defining the rule of 3, explaining how it will fix itself, and making