Hi, I’m Petra,
lovely to meet you.

I am an alchemising artist, plugged in deep to the source of my creativity. On a mission to shift perspectives for a greater feeling of freedom, love and magic. I live to experience all facets of life with as much presence and curiosity as possible. Sitting through pleasure, pain, awkwardness and cringy moments – just to explore what arises next. 

I work with people in ways that investigate and transform the layers in both body and mind, holding them back from their true wild weird expression. Whether it is coaching, dearmouring or group facilitation, I bring my deep presence to support others to feel their deeper truth and navigate their insides to find clarity within.

My background includes a MSc in Engineering design from DTU, specialized in systems design (2013). A few years working as a UX designer in digital product development in Canada, and as a design consultant in Copenhagen (2013-18). I am trained improvisor from ICC in Copenhagen and performer from AFUK. I am a certified body therapist in traumainformed body therapy and dearouring (2022). I’m a self taught poet with over 1000 poems written, and read regularly on open stages.

I am a creative force of nature, and this is my outlet to share tools, inspiration, thoughts and artwork with you. I intent to inspire and challenge you to look at the world with a little bit more love and a lot of openness. I want you to believe in you. <3

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Current Engagements

Facilitating transformation through 1:1 & groups // Petra Wilde Studio

Facilitator // Nordic Womens Gathering

Trauma informed body therapy & Dearmouring // Certified by The Pleasure Temple

Petra’s Petroleum  // Podcast