The poet has been at it again – this time in english on The Dark Feminine 🔥 There are many perspective on what ‘the dark feminine’ is, and here are two – a wounded expression and an empowered expression.


I have spent much time in the wounded expression, not knowing how to express my vulnerable truth. To now living a more empowered version – trusting my sensitivity and intuition, allowing my raw expression and speaking the unsaid into existence.


Since writing this poem in the spring, after some powerful conversations facilitated by the Nordic Women’s Gathering, I started to see it more clearly – in myself and in others (women AND men), learning how to deal with it when people withhold in fear, and holding myself in the triggers it has brought. It has felt like a karmic lesson and humbleness, getting to know how it may have been to interact with a former version of myself 😬


Listening to it reminds me that we always have a choice of how we want to show up in the world and who we choose to be.I choose integrity, honesty and love always, even when it is hard. Even when my body does everything to protect me from the past pain, I breathe and do my best to choose love. And when I fail to be my best self (and I get to see my own nasty shadows) I choose love and compassion for myself.


This years Nordic Women’s Gathering is in just 2 weeks, and if you are curious to explore the power of the feminine, your leadership, sensuality, your inner freak, your darkness, your ecstatic pleasure or any other aspect of your self that may not get to see the daylight enough – COME!  I will be facilitating with 6 other amazing women, and I am still in awe of how I got to be among such wise and loving sisters <3

I work 1:1 and with groups to help clients feel and speak their truth, heal their nervous system to live a life as their true free self. If you want to work with me or hear more, email me at



—– and now the poem:


The dark feminine
a latent presence everywhere
felt so clearly
yet so subtle. 

Impossible to speak into existence
without the wall of confusion
demanding the deepest calm
of coming back
to focus
to intention
to my core
to myself.


Taking over the entire field
creating a rift
no one knowing why
finding its expression
through anything
but the truth.

but the truth.


Too painful to touch
the longing
the sorrow
the anger
the deep endless black hole
in the middle of my chest
screaming for attention
while I dance around it.

Again, and again, and again.


The search for control
through withholding
of love
leaving all responsibility behind
all care, all compassion
for one self, for the other
for whats in between.


A penetrating hardness
behind a rose glimering mask. 


A denial of truth
of reality
of what is actually here
right here
in the inner
the outer
the wall between us
of an endless resentment. 


How would she be
the dark feminine force
if she allowed the full expression?


Allowed her truth
her darkness?
If she took responsibility
for herself, the other, the in-between
acknowledged reality
spoke her truth
threw light through the wordless darkness
allowed her clear ruthlessness?


Let the sensitivity be a dark force
creating light
speaking the dark
so the light can exist
so the calm can arrive
the clarity
owned the darkness so fully within
it does not seep out
through the whole existence of the field,
our field.


Used the power of withholding
from a loving place
from intuition
withdrawing when anything but
increases confusion
showed up in total responsibility for herself
with the intuition as her anchor
I know
I feel
I see
I touch
I speak
in trust
with love. 


// Petra Wilde

I'm here to share stories of deep emotions, personal transformation and ponder on the paradox in everything.