Design thinking has been hyped as the magic process for innovation, often described as a linear process in 4–5 steps. Often with an emphasis on brainstorming, ideation and tons of sexy post-its. Some suggest it is losing its competitive advantage and others are trying to fix it now more than ever; Combining it with systems thinkingdefining the rule of 3explaining how it will fix itself, and making it “full stack”.

These articles all shine the light on how difficult Design Thinking can be to understand and master. I’m not here to fix it, more to add some perspective. I like to think of it as a mindset — how to look at challenges around us.A mindset that can help us master the process to be more innovative and create long-lasting solutions.

The beauty of a mindset

// Mindset: perspective and cognitive function to how we asses situations and solve problems.

  • You can practice it daily
  • You can practice it on small as well as bigger challenges
  • It can help you master the various phases of the design process

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